New 24 hours urine container

  • New 24 hours urine container
Product Features: ● Standard urine sample storage ● Simple operation ● Reliable test result  

Product Advantages:
Adopting the latest Nano-antibacterial release technology, the urine container is made of new anti-bacteria inactive plastic. It can inhibit the growth of bacteria effectively and obviously in 48 hours, especially appropriate for container which is used for collecting the patient’s urine in 24 hours for the test and analysis of Proteins, hormones, and amino acids etc.
Contrasted with the current hospital-applied general container:
1. More convenient usage, no need extra antiseptic substance adding into the container
2. With graduation on the container, more relaxed operation
3. Made of new anti-bacteria inactive plastic, it will never react with the urine sample which will improve reliability of test results
4. Standardize the container which will reduce the deviation before sample analysis
Product Usage
At the first sampling day, the patient should release all his/her urine (ex: 7:00 am).

Abandon the urine, but collect all his/her urine in the following 24 hours in the new urine container. The collection will end in the next day (ex: 7:00 am) after he/she release all his/her urine. Send the urine sample to the laboratory